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Aromatic Loose Leaf Hojicha Tea

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A Taste of Luxury

rich with natural flavors

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Enjoy Every Day

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An Ancient Land of Tea

where Japan's first tea trees were planted

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Better Living with Aroma, Flavor, and Wellness. Brighten Your Day and Balance Your Life.

What is Hojicha?

While most of the world is now familiar with green tea, and even matcha powdered green tea, hojicha may be less familiar outside of Japan. This aromatic roasted version of Japanese green tea makes for a versatile healthy drink that fits into many lifestyles.

Maruyoshi has been dedicated to Hojicha in Japan for over a century, and is now excited to share our expertise internationally.

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Mind and Body Wellness

Green tea is known as a rich natural source of antioxidants. Roasted hojicha green tea also offers many of the same benefits, as well as a few specific only to hojicha.

As roasting reduces caffeine content, hojicha also offers a stable balance of refreshment and relaxation for any time of day.

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The Art of Hojicha

A video introducing our history and tea production

Our Premium Hojicha

Maruyoshi has been operating for over a century in one of Japan's oldest tea regions, the Omi Province, or modern day Shiga Prefecture.

Our geographical advantages, developed expertise, and partnerships with traditional local tea farms are essential in our production of hojicha tea products with consistent premium quality.

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Featured Hojicha Products

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Light Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha
Light Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha
Sold Out

Light Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha


Dark Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha
Dark Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha
Sold Out

Dark Roast Organic Loose-Leaf Hojicha


Maruyoshi Hojicha Latte Syrup
Maruyoshi Hojicha Latte Syrup

Maruyoshi Hojicha Latte Syrup



A few of the kind words we receive from customers and partners.

Hiro K.

Customer, Japan

I have been a customer for many years and have always been satisfied with Maruyoshi's hojicha products. I would recommend to any hojicha lovers, as well as anyone who wants to add something new and unique to their tea collection.


Customer, USA

I already drink a lot of green tea, but this hojicha is a nice change of pace. The roasted tea gives a smoother flavor and great fragrance. Lower caffeine is also nice so I can enjoy later in the evening. Quality product that I look forward to buying again!

Helen R.

Shop owner, UK

It's a joy to have direct access to quality Japanese tea producers. Hojicha is somewhat lesser known here than sencha or matcha, but most people who try it are pleasantly surprised as it is smoother without the bitter edge of fresh green tea, and with a fabulous earthy aroma.



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