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Making a Latte with Hojicha Syrup vs. Hojicha Powder

Making a Latte with Hojicha Syrup vs. Hojicha Powder

There are some key advantages to making your hojicha latte with syrup rather than powder.

First and foremost, the process is much simpler and faster! Powder requires extra utensils to first mix with a small amount of hot water before then stirring the mixture into your drink. While syrup goes straight from the bottle into your milk or alternative base. Our syrup uses natural honey as sweetener as well as ingredients for ideal viscosity so that with a few quick stirs, it's ready to drink!

Syrup also offers a smoother body. While powdered also offers the same level of flavor, it's often hard to completely eliminate the texture of powder in your drink.

Try our syrup for a perfect latte in seconds; but you can also use it for dessert toppings, baking, and more! Let us know how you use your hojicha syrup!

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