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Hojicha Benefits

Green tea is known as a rich source of antioxidants. Roasted hojicha green tea also has similar health benefits, including some benefits specific only to hojicha. Here are the main benefits you can enjoy:

Caffeine Levels

1. Low Caffeine

Hojicha’s roasting process helps reduce much of the caffeine contained in tea leaves. The caffeine content of hojicha is lower than other green tea, and contains only about one third as much caffeine as coffee. Its mild flavor and low caffeine make hojicha a popular drink for any time of day and across many age groups.

2. Relaxation

People are attracted to hojicha by the aroma which, across the many varieties of hojicha, can range from sweet and fruity to deep roasted. The roasting process also generates an aromatic component called pyrazine, which provides a pleasant calming effect, aiding in relaxation, but also helping to stimulate blood circulation. This makes hojicha a perfect choice for an evening drink, or simply for quiet relaxation.

3. Antioxidants

Tea leaves are rich in polyphenols, a type of antioxidant compound with many benefits. Of course, hojicha also provides polyphenols. You can keep your caffeine intake down while still enjoying the benefits of antioxidants known to fight aging and boost the immune system. This is one of the many reasons that health-conscious people choose hojicha.

4. Refreshing Flavor

Green tea is known to contain amino acids that create umami and sweet flavors. Yet, as hojicha has smaller amounts of amino acids, it is a very drinkable tea with a clean aftertaste. The mild body and flavor serve as a great palate cleanser, which has made hojicha a preferred drink during and after meals in Japan.