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Premium Hojicha Powder (Dark Roast)
Premium Hojicha Powder (Dark Roast)
Premium Hojicha Powder (Dark Roast)
Premium Hojicha Powder (Dark Roast)

Premium Hojicha Powder (Dark Roast)


Versatile Hojicha Powder Produced by a Master of Hojicha.

Made solely from premium organic hojicha tea leaves. Rich roasted flavor for perfect hojicha lattes and also great for baking. Excellent green tea health benefit yet lower in caffeine. Our hojicha powder consists only of organic hojicha tea leaves, but offers a convenient way to incorporate hojicha into latte style beverages, baking, and more. The earthy roasted aroma, rich brown color, and lower caffeine content offer a unique and delicious alternative to matcha powder, which still works great in many of the same applications.


  • Volume: 70 g (2.5 oz)
  • Origin: Tsuchiyama, Shiga
  • Tea leaves: Organic ichibancha (first flush)
  • Roast method: Deep roasting with low direct heating

See our recipes for recommended brewing techniques!

Japanese Agricultural Organic Standard

Our Partnered Farms for Organic Tea Leaves

Maruyoshi currently holds contracts with five tea farmers in the Tsuchiyama area. These partners are some of the region’s most committed members devoted to making top-quality tea while preserving local tea industry traditions. Currently, 3 of our 125 total contracted acres of farm land grow tea leaves purely organically. The organic farms are located separately from the others, and apply special growing methods such as carefully maintaining soil quality and cultivating with environmentally friendly methods. This is all to achieve the utmost quality, even by organic standards. These five farms work together closely, sometimes even in competition, in the ongoing pursuit of quality improvement, to eventually expanding organic production throughout the area.