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Frequent Questions

What's the procedure for business inquiries?

Please first use the form on this page with your name and email address that should be used for correspondence. Include general relevant information such as your country, the nature and size of your business, etc. and we will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible (usually within 2-3 business days). Thank you for your patience and your interest in Hojicha Maruyoshi!

Do you have a catalog available?

Yes, while our English language catalog is currently more limited thank our Japanese one, we do have a catalog brochure available upon request.

Do you offer private label?

Yes, our own tea products, as well as the local Omi teas that we source and other domestic Japanese teas are all available for private label products to be sold under your brand. Retail packaging for private label products may be handled either on our end or your end, upon negotiation.

Do you have other teas available?

Yes, while we specialize in hojicha products made from local Omi tea leaves, we also carry sencha and matcha products sourced both locally from Omi teas, as well as from other domestic Japanese sources. Our top-ranked tea master can also accommodate requests to blend, modify, or find similar alternatives to such tea products. Contact us for more information or inquiries.

Do you offer tasting samples?

Yes, we have smaller sample packs available. While there is no charge, we ask that you pay the shipping cost for sample orders.

Are there minimum wholesale order quantities?

For bulk products, there is no minimum order size, but packaged retail products do have minimum orders. For example, 70g loose leaf hojicha has a min. order of 60 packages.

Do you offer any discounts?

Depending on the specific tea and quantity, we often accommodate bulk discounts between 10 and 20%. Contact us for specific discount rates.

Are your organic teas certified?

Our locally-sourced leaves for all of our projects which display an "organic" label are USDA Certified. If you require a copy of our certification documents, just ask. Our domestic JONA certification qualifies for compatible international certification under USDA, as well as in EU, Canada, Switzerland, UK, Taiwan, Australia, and New Zealand.